It was many years ago when some of the cast from The Walking Dead visited El Paso. A lot of us are familiar with an actor that plays a really good gangster. That actor known for his role as a cholo is Noel Gugliemi.

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You may or may not remember the name Noel Gugliemi but should remember his roles as a cholo in movies. Gugliemi played a gangster they called Hector in The Fast and the Furious.

While other people are more familiar with his role from Training Day with Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington. Noel Gugliemi wasn't only in movies, he also did television series as well.

As for The Walking Dead fanatics, they know Noel Gugliemi for his role as Felipe. The Vatos Noel Gugliemi, Anthony Guajardo, and James Gonzaba answered questions from fans at the El Paso Comic Con. You can see it for yourself by checking out the video directly below.

Well, Gugliemi didn't just stick to his work schedule, he actually ventured out and visited places in El Paso. One particular place Gugliemi had to visit was at Praise Chapel where Pastor Eddie Cabral preaches.

On Sunday, Gugliemi had the day off and used his time off to visit Praise Chapel. While he visited, of course, he was down for a meet and greet with his fans that were also at Praise Chapel.

Pastor Eddie Cabral was more than happy to share his photos with me from that special day. You can see the pictures of when Noel Gugliemi was in El Paso by scrolling directly below.

Noel Gugliemi In EP

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