Organizers of El Paso Comic-Con say the show will go on. Just not on its original dates.

The annual hometown comic book and sci-fi festival will now take place Oct. 2-4, rescheduled from its initial April 17-19 dates due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Troy Stegner, director of El Paso Comic Con, said he was left with little choice but to postpone and reschedule. “In response to the growing awareness and concerns, we have decided it is the public’s interest to move El Paso Comic-Con (to later in the year),” Stegner wrote in a statement posted on Facebook.

What does this mean as far as the celebrity guests go, more specifically William Shatner, Ryan Hurst, and Michael Rook who were the big names scheduled to appear?

“I want to emphasize just how great they have been during this whole ordeal. There were no cancellations from the featured guests, absolutely none,” Stegner communicated to me via email.

But with the COVID-19 crisis being a fluid situation it’s entirely possible a celebrity guest or fan favorite may have to drop out. “So far they have all been agreeable to the new dates. That may change if they get called upon for professional work on our dates. With a lot of production in Hollywood being suspended, it's hard to tell just how busy they will be in October after work has ramped up again.”

Attendees who purchased tickets for the original date and have questions about refunds or other matters should contact promoters via the El Paso Comic Con website.

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