High winds are inevitable in El Paso so here’s who you call in case you lose or find a trash bin container.

We've all been there - trash bins and lids scattered across your lawn or walkway after a windy day or night. High wind advisories happen all the time therefore the City of El Paso Environmental Services wants to make sure that residents know what to do in case they need help in recovering containers blown away or lost as a result of high winds.

If you lost a bin you should call 3-1-1 or 915-212-6000 to have it replaced.

If you found a trash bin that isn’t yours then see below:

  • Ask your neighbors if they’ve lost any containers, if so return it to them
  • Call 3-1-1 to have ESD pick up the lost container
  • Drop it off at ESD’s Containers Program at 701 Pendale

The El Paso Environmental Services also highly encourage that on especially high windy days that you wait until the next scheduled pick up if your bin is not full. Thus avoiding a half empty bin to topple and add to unnecessary windblown trash.


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