Take me to church is one of the most popular songs on the radio right now but did you know the musician/artist behind the music has been around longer than you thought? 

Hozier, pronounced with or without emphasis on the i, is a 24 year old musician from Ireland. You can almost hear the Celtic sounds in the strums of the guitar in his live recordings. Hozier was a member of a band known as Anuna from 2008 to 2012 and became a solo artist in 2012 with his release of, "La Chanson De Mardi Gras". "Take Me To Church", was actually released in 2013 and didn't become popular until it went viral on Youtube. The video has been called controversial but has such a strong message I recommend a Google search and a view. Some of Hozier's other songs include Cherry WIne, Someone New and Sedated. He is an amazing vocalist and will certainly be huge here in the US.


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