The Killers just released a new powerful tune that touches very close to home in Land of The Free.

The new emotional track by The Killers, Land of The Free, takes a stand-in protest of the continued proposed border wall, gun violence, and racism. After penning the tune, frontman Brandon Flowers reached out to Spike Lee and asked if he was interested in directing the video. Lee took on the directing gig and what initially was meant to be a music video turned into a thought-provoking short film.

Brandon Flowers even took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the current state of our country saying:


Back in 2006, President George Bush authorized construction of a fence along 650 miles of the border with a proposed budget of $2.8-billion. Currently the international border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez is separated by an 18-foot-high corrugated metal fence.

El Paso has managed to separate itself from the violence that Juarez has seen in recent years but even then our city still boasts a low violent crime rate due in part to the increased presence and security of border patrol and federal law enforcement. While the wall still stands it hasn’t prevented immigrants attempting to cross the border and seeking asylum at all costs including death. Most recently an innocent 7-year old Guatemalan girl died while in US Customs and Border Protection custody after she and her father were caught crossing a remote stretch of the U.S. border illegally and subsequently detained. The child who fell ill was later airlifted to a hospital in El Paso, TX were medics identified that she had been suffering from septic shock and dehydration leading to liver failure and swelling of the brain.

The Killers recently announced that they will be performing at Kaaboo Texas in Arlington, TX coming up May 10 - 12, 2019.

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