It's official - or it will be this afternoon after all the salsas have been tasted and all the votes counted.  We will be crowning a 'Best Salsa At Townsquare Media' winner!

Who Has The Best Salsa At Townsquare Media?
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There is really no hungrier group than radio people.  We get up early to entertain you on the Morning Shows, then the afternoon gang takes over to get you through your work day.  It's hot, sweaty work, all that non-stop silliness and Hollywood Dirt, not to mention, gearing up for the Mexican Food Cook Off!  So, to keep our strength up, we decided to have a salsa contest.

The contestants were Patty 'Pastel' Campos, Monika Carritas, Tricia 'La Snoopy' Martinez, Jack 'Consafos' Quarles, and Lauren 'Disney' Zimmerman.  Everyone brought their, um, "homemade" salsas.  Everyone, that is, except for the person - I'm lookin' at you Zimmerman - who clearly opened a jar of something that was labeled 'salsa', but only passes for salsa if you grew up in Mississippi!  And I won't even get into one of the other contestants who tried valiantly to doctor up another store-bought salsa, but couldn't mask that unmistakable 'has a shelf life of 20 years' taste!

Ok, enough of the smack talk because I think I have this little salsa contest wrapped up!  We'll find out who won later this afternoon, and post the winner's name (La Snoopy!) on our Facebook pages!


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