GOODNIGHT, GOODBYE, AND THANKS FOR WATCHING - MIKE'S BLAH BLAH BLOG: Because of what I do for a living I have to stay at least semi-informed, so watching the news is more a necessity than an option. I therefore notice  the comings and goings of tv people sooner than the casual viewer. Recently, I become aware that quite a few lady reporters were missing. Namely KVIA's Veronique Masterson and Marissa Monroy, and FOX14's Miri Marshall and Dena Richardson.

So, once again, I called upon the cyberstalking skills that helped me find Oralia Ortega! After clicking away on the keyboard for hours on end and having Tricia text people on my behalf, here's what I've found out:

Veronique has left her reporting and weekend anchoring duties at KVIA to return to her Alma Mater, UTEP, as their new public information officer. I obviously missed her on-air goodbye when it happened, but thanks to the internet we can watch the tears flow with the click of a mouse...

Like Veronique, Ms. Monroy is leaving television but staying in El Paso. She'll now work for the City of El Paso as an economic development coordinator. Her goodbye wasn't a tearful one nor was it even a goodbye. It was a "see you later", which you can watch  here.


KFOX courtroom reporter, Dena Richardson, on the other hand is not only leaving the business, she'll be leaving town in a few months. Richardson posted on her "In The Courtroom" blog that has she accepted a scholarship to attend St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio this coming fall - a career path that had never even crossed her mind until she spent the last couple of years covering court precedings.

The whereabouts of Dena's former co-worker, reporter and meteorologist Miri Marshall, are not known. Her last day on camera was May 22. My sources tell me in her case her contract was not renewed. There's no word on her future plans.

And this just in ...As I was about to go to press I got word Phil Anaya has also left KFOX. Phil tweetedover the weekend that he's about to "embark on a new adventure in san Antonio."


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