Veteran Searching For Service Dog
I was on the KTSM website this morning when I ran across a story on a missing dog.  Lucy isn't just any missing dog, however, she is a service dog for a veteran.
Great Moments in Broadcasting: Oralia Ortega
GREAT MOMENTS IN BROADCASTING: Listen to this priceless moment featuring Newschannel 9 anchor Oralia Ortega reading the story of El Pasoan Richard Parker,  who was pulled over by El Paso’s finest the other day, and subsequently busted for eating the marijuana he was holding
Fat And 45 – The KVIA Edition
As we all know, I'm trying to avoid being fat and 45.  I've been working out, I've been trying to watch what I eat, and I've even begun to see some positive changes.  Then I had dinner last night with a hotsie totsie named Marissa Monroy!