There is nothing worse than missing trash pickup day. You have to figure out how to make sure that you can make it to the next pickup day, but during the holidays, that's pretty tough to do.

If your regular trash pickup day is Tuesday, or Christmas Day and New Year's Day, your trash pickup day will be December 29 and January 5. Usually if trash day is on a holiday trash is picked up the following day, but for some reason, that isn't the case during this holiday season.

There are some things to remember about recycling:

1. Do not bag your recyclables. All items must be placed loosely into the bin.
2. Make sure your blue and gray bin are placed at least 5 feet way from all objects. This includes other bins, parked vehicles, mailboxes, or utility poles.

Some of the things you can recycle include:

Newspaper and advertising inserts (bags and strings removed)
Junk or advertising mail and envelopes
All office paper
Colored or white paper
Gift boxes (free of wrapping paper, ribbon, or tape)
Click here for a complete list of things you can recycle.

You cannot recycle any containers that haven't been rinsed out. You can also not recycle plastic bags, including shopping bags. I had my recycling bin tagged because I didn't know that and they would not take the recycling bin that week. If you need a list of things that cannot be recycled and where to take those items, click here.

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