Earlier this week El Pasoans reacted to officials with the City of El Paso saying that they were almost 500 people light in the employee department and wanted to let people know that if they're looking for a job they should look at the City. Things got pretty salty pretty fast. People either recounted their own personal experiences about working for the City or they made fun of the wages that were posted on the City's website:

FitFam's moderator had a few things to say about their experience:

"10+ year career as an Army Medical Officer and two years of experience working with the City of Austin. Started off at $41,000 per year, which after taxes equated to about $1,200 every two weeks. They heavily micromanage you and track your every minute of work."

FitFam's comment got a big 'whatever' from typical.mestizo:

""Super scrutinizing " i.e. it's not a scan code and 'you're hired'. They ain't just gonna hand u the money!"

onemoslice says the shortage isn't of people wanting jobs:

There’s no worker shortage. It’s a pay rate shortage.

fernandoandregonzalez had a thing to say about all the shade thrown at the City:

Everyone in the comments crying about a s&%! salary with a minimum wage work ethic

Too much work

It's true that not all jobs are well paying or easy to get in El Paso but it's called a job for a reason. Work is work and it's unlikely that anyone is going to find a job that falls into their lap and pays exactly what they want it to either at the City or anywhere else.

Pass the peanuts because we have plenty of salt!

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