This week, Donald Trump was elected to the office of the presidency. He will be officially elected on December 3, when the electors cast their votes for him. Those votes will be cast for him because he won the necessary numbers of popular votes in states that had enough electoral votes to win him the election, even though Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the popular vote.

So why did she lose the election? Why do we still have an electoral college? Why can someone win the popular vote and still not be elected President? Could Hillary Clinton still win the election even though she didn't win enough electoral votes?

I have to admit, I was one of the people saying we need to abolish the Electoral College and go to a purely popular vote. I couldn't understand why we still needed an electoral system that was imagined in the 1700s in the 21st century, but then I ran across this video that explained it all.

We might not like the outcome of this election, but that is no reason to do away with the Electoral College. We need to believe in the system that has made us the sole super power in the world, and the country that every other country in the world looks to for a peaceful transition of power. We might not always like who gets elected to the presidency, but we should take heart in knowing that we have enough checks and balances in place to prevent a Hitler-like takeover of our nation's highest office.

Watch the video and then if you want to explore the Electoral College further, click on this link.

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