Well, that's that. The craziest, most outrageous presidential election is over, and we will all have to get used to saying President Donald Trump. We can only wait to see how things will change with Trump in the White House, but let's scratch our chins and stare up at the sky and try to imagine how things would have been with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

5. Women would no longer have to drag their purse to the restroom at work to hide their feminine products. It would be universally known that periods happen, and they have to be dealt with.

4. Racks of bras and panties would no longer be facing the busiest aisle in Target. Women would be able to shop for their underwear with some privacy instead of having the whole store know whether they prefer thong, hipster, or bikini cut.

3. Instead of the Rachael haircut, everyone would want the Hillary.

2. Hot flashes would become a badge of honor.

1. Four words - Pant suit, Power suit.

So what do we call Donald Trump now that he has been elected president? We call him, Mr. President because whether you voted for him or not, we are all Americans, and he is our President. We have to hope that he does a good job because if he doesn't, that is bad for all of us.

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