This is the 17th year of the Stuff the Bus school supply drive here at KISS FM, but the biggest question I get every year is, "What kind of school supplies are you guys looking for?"

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If you have kids in school, you know the things on their school supply list can get pretty wacky.  Parents get asked to buy things like gallons of hand sanitizer, boxes and boxes of Kleenex, and this morning we found out from a listener that her pre-k kid needed to bring baby wipes!  That is not the kind of school supplies we are looking for - nope, we're talking basic basics.

Kids who are helped by Prices Creameries 'Give 'Em Five Fund' and the Stuff the Bus school supply drive are kids who really can't afford even paper on which to write.  They need pencils, notebooks, pens, bottles of glue, safety scissors, packs of paper, crayons, and rulers.  Think about the kind of school supplies you took to school, and that's what we're talking about!

So, during this Tax Free weekend, please think about picking up a few extra school supplies and dropping them off at Cielo Vista Mall during our Back-To-School Expo, at any of the Stuff the Bus locations around town next week, at our studios at 4180 N. Mesa, or email me at, and we'll arrange a pick-up time at your office!