If you’re looking for good school desk to facilitate your child’s online learning for home, there are now a couple of options that have popped up that will allow you to acquire one at low or no cost.

Two days after the El Paso Independent School District announced that they would be selling surplus desks at the former Alta Vista Elementary School location for just for just $3 on Saturday morning, YISD announced that they will be giving away surplus desks to families of their students on Friday morning at the site of what was formerly South Loop Elementary School.

El Paso area families can take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a helpful piece of furniture as these districts look to make sure that these still useful resources don’t go to waste.

I’m not going to lie, I got a good chuckle when I heard about this since on the surface it sounds like a case of one district saying, “well if you’re going to sell your desks for $3 on Saturday, we’ll just give ours away for free the day before,” but if these desks are going back to the community that is in need of them, then it really doesn’t matter how the decision was made.  Also, for the record, I don’t really believe YISD is doing this as a way to one up EPISD but rather that both districts saw an opportunity offload surplus inventory in a way that gives back.

For more information on how to purchase a desk from EPISD on Saturday, click HERE

See information for when and where to pickup a desk from YISD below:

  • When: Friday, August 28, 2020
  • Where: 520 Southside Road – Formerly South Loop Elementary School
  • Whose Eligible: Families with students attending any YISD school
  • Limit: One desk per student
  • Time: Beginning at 7 a.m. till desks run out
  • Cost: Free
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