At least that's what it sounds like at MY house!  But what if you don't have a house to go to for Turkey Day?  No turkey?  No stuffing?  NO PUMPKIN PIE?  Banish the thought!

There are lots of places around town that serve Thanksgiving Dinner.  They'll make your turkey, your stuffing, your pumpkin pie.  Yeah, all you have to do is show up!  Yeah!  Places like, well... ya know, THAT place, and um, the other place.

Ok, we need your help.  There are lots of people who need some place to eat Thanksgiving Dinner, and that's where YOU come in.  Let us know which restaurants around town are offering Thanksgiving Dinner - extra special warm and fuzzy points for you if the restaurant you tell us about is offering discounts for our military troops.

Ok, there is your homework for today!  Ready, set, tell us which restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving Dinnner!