Iconic west El Paso hamburger joint, the Charcoaler, has had a busy few years. After 55 years in business on Mesa, the owner of Charcoaler announced in January of 2017 that the business would be closing down because running the it had become too much for him. Loyal customers lined up for hours during their last days in business to get a taste of those delicious, flame-grilled burgers. Six months later, it was announced that the family who owned Charcoaler would be willing to sell the name and concept of Charcoaler to someone for $200,000, but they wouldn't be able to run it at the same location on Mesa because the property was going to be leased by a new business. There were no buyers, and no one ever opened a different business at the old location. By October of 2017, loyal Charcoaler customers cheered the news that they would be reopening in the same Mesa location using the classic Charcoaler recipes. There was dancing in the streets, or at least dancing in my house because I love, love, love Charcoaler.

Since the reopening of Charcoaler on Mesa, they have opened another location on the eastside at Airway and Edgemere in an old Whataburger location. Not content to have things status quo, the owners of Charcoaler are working on their original westside location and are adding a new indoor seating area and outdoor patio seating area. There will be around 100 seats and construction should be finished within 3 months. The location will remain open during construction. (Yay!)

Personally, I can't wait. As much as I love me a Charcoaler, being able to sit outside during the spring and fall when the weather is great will be really nice. Having an indoor seating area will be nice when you want to go grab a #3, order of fries, and large lemon Coke with a bunch of friends, but you don't want to all have to squish into one vehicle.

Thank you Charcoaler for reopening and for expanding your service footprint!

Here's how Charcoaler will look after the renovations:

1. New outside signage and patio seating area:


2. Under the new canopy:


3. Indoor seating area: