As the lame employee here at 93.1 KISS-FM, I get bullied into trying new places around El Paso. You would think being born and raised just outside El Paso, attending UTEP for six years and working here for about five years, I would have tried most of the iconic Sun City restaurants already. Sadly, no.

This year, I am going to attempt to end the days of just sticking to what I know. Which is usually some fast food restaurant is close to my job or on my way home. I have not tasted the magic of L & J Cafe, Kiki's or even Rib Hut. During the Charcoaler drama of it closing and reopening, I just sat back and wondered, will I ever get to try one without having to spend hours in a line? Well, it finally happened.

I have reached the mountaintop of local burgers. I have finally purchased and chowed down on a Charcoaler burger combo. I was shocked to see that Mike of Mike and Tricia Mornings wasn't exaggerating about paying for lettuce at their establishment. I am not a rich woman, so I just decided to order the burger in its plainest form. I have to say it was a pretty tasty burger for being plain. It was juicy, savory and all the goodness I have dreamt about.

I feel the fries are very underrated and we need to highlight those more. Those fries are what I imagine God's sweat taste like. I am happy and satisfied I have finally had an iconic Charcoaler burger, knocking off one of the many restaurants on my El Paso Eats lists.

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