Thanks to the Final Destination film franchise, I have avoided pumping gas when gas tankers are refilling gas stations for fear that it might blow up.

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The horror franchise Final Destination still haunts me with absurd fears, which have had me avoid gas stations with a gas tanker on the premises because you never know if death is creeping around the corner.

After years of watching the horror movie franchise Final Destination, I have created an unreasonable and illogical fear of pumping gas while a gas tanker dumps gas underneath a gas station. 

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At first, family and friends thought I avoided pumping gas because they say that pumping gas while a gas tanker fills up the gas reservoir will damage your vehicle. But in all honesty, I seriously have an irrational fear that I'll get caught up in some pre-destined set of events that will lead to some catastrophic explosion, Final Destination style.

Over the last 21 years, the Final Destination movie franchise has released five films where Death itself pursues the main characters, subjecting them to unbelievable freak accidents and horrific deaths.

And because of these silly movies, my inner self has taken an illogical hit because ever since I saw the first movie, I have avoided gas stations where gas tankers are present like a plague.  

While I know that this imaginary scenario that plays out in my head is unfounded, I should also share that if Death was after me, I couldn't avoid it for long. Because as fans of the movie franchise will tell you that you can't defeat Death by cheating because it will find you eventually.

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