There are tons of bakeries in El Paso but only a handful make the best pan dulce. Last week someone on Reddit had asked what place has the best pan dulce in El Paso. Well, there are few places people regularly purchase their pan dulce from and nowhere else.

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Now there were only 8 comments on what would seem like a debatable topic. Clearly, you should already know of one particular bakery that was mentioned a few times. Bowie Bakery sure did win local's hearts over with their pan dulce they're popular for.

They have been around for a really long time now and even remember my family making trips to Bowie Bakery when I was a child. But over time other bakeries have popped up that have also gained recognition. For example, some of the bakeries that were mentioned in the comments section on Reddit I haven't heard of.

Two bakeries that stood out I have not heard of until now were Horizon Star Bakery and Supreme Bakery.
Those two bakeries are new to me and now curious about how their pan dulce tastes. In my opinion, I believe all pan dulce tastes the same to me.

Also, I haven't really been much of a fan of pan dulce for a long time now. But from the Reddit user's comments, I would like to know what bakery you believe has the best pan dulce in El Paso. The bakeries listed in the comments were Bowie, Gussie's, Food City, Valentine's, Horizon Star, and Supreme. Share the bakery you consider has the best pan dulce in El Paso below.

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