Do you love sweets? What about sweet desserts? OH!! What about...... MACARONS?! If this sounds like something that’s right up your alley then have I got the perfect side hobby for you!

Local bakery, Bella Cora, is looking for locals to become “taste testers” for future desserts!

The bakery shared a Facebook post this past week with a picture of a pink and white macaron and announced that they would like to have a small number of customers try out their new dessert or flavors to provide them with some feedback.

Customers who want to join in on this tasting fun just need to head out to one of the two Bella Cora Bakery locations and leave their name and number with bakery staff who will then contact them whenever their taste buds are needed.

Bella Cora is a retail and wholesale bakery that opened up back in October 2012.  They specialize in French-style, high-quality and handmade breads, cakes, and chocolate.

Bella Cora Bakery currently has two locations to serve the El Paso community.

One location is on the west side of El Paso located at 7500 N. Mesa St. #307 and an East El Paso bakery which is located at 1830 Joe Battle #103.

When can you expect to get a call?

The bakery's first taste testing calling will include the tasting of their Rose Macarons and is set to happen the second week of March. So, if you're interested then you better head out to the bakery soon and sign up because if not…. I’ll sign myself up three times at every location! (Just kidding.)


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