Tons of people in El Paso love to enjoy eating sweet bread with milk or coffee. Now I will be straight up with you but I in fact am not a fan of sweet bread at all. But I know there are a lot of people in El Paso who buy sweet bread every so often.

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The other day I was scrolling through my newsfeed when I was stunned to see a high school friend Ruben Amador's picture on Facebook. He shared a few photos of the snacky snack he was enjoying before starting his diet.

Now, the size of the concha Ruben Amador was eating looks as if it is the size of his own head. Most conchas I have seen being sold at bakeries or grocery stores are extremely smaller than the one Ruben was eating.

So if you're the type to maybe eat two conchas to satisfy your sweet tooth, maybe one of these will suffice. But you can compare the size of the concha from Ruben Amador's pictures he had taken.

Plus, the size of his mug gives you somewhat of an idea of how really big the concha was that he ate. So if you are also going to start your diet soon then do what Ruben did and go big.

Ruben Amador usually prefers getting his conchas from Esmerelda a bakery in the Northeast but he settled for Food King's gigantic concha instead. So now you know where to get your hands on a big concha in El Paso.

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