[WARNING: Very graphic, video has not been edited]

Footage of the terrifying moment two men were hit by a pickup truck at Red Sands on the Fourth of July has emerged. The accident resulted in both men being seriously injured.

Shot from a distance on a camera phone, the graphic video shows several slow moving vehicles in the forefront seconds before a speeding truck enters the frame from the right.

A second later, two figures can be seen in the pickup truck's headlights just before a loud thud is heard followed by screams, presumably from those nearby who witnessed the horrific collision.

This is what the person who recorded the video told KFOX 14 about the incident:

We were recording this truck that had a lot of lights. It was honking and had a train horn," the witness said. "Two guys were walking, and then this other truck came from the other direction, and ran them over.

"The F-150 was coming in pretty fast," the witness said. "He didn't even slow down, and hit the two guys that were walking by.”

According to the El Paso Sheriff's Office, both men were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries. Their current status is unknown. The accident is still under investigation. No other information has been released.