An El Paso man allegedly stole a Krispy Kreme delivery tuck Wednesday (7/28) and went on a wild, drunken joyride from one end of the city to the other. But this isn’t a case of who doughnut.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff's department, Carlos Emmanuel Andrade is accused of jacking the truck on the west side and has been charged with burglary.

Minutes after the donut van was reported illegally appropriated, police issued an all-points bulletin and every available cop was on it. I’m kidding, I don’t know about that, but those are the type of comments the El Paso internet was quick to clown both the cops and thief with after the story went viral.

Here are some of the hilarious things the 915's social media comedians said about Andrade and the escapade.

Fred D.
The man wasn't drunk, he was clearly suffering from the munchies.

Glazed and confused

Sergio D
He was spotted doing "doughnuts" in the truck

GTA: El Paso

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
El Paso County Sheriff's Department

The El Paso County sheriff's and El Paso police were hilariously savaged, too, of course, because, well, cops and doughnuts, amirite?

Angelo P
Cops chasing a donut truck that's some irony

Chupon V
2,342 cops responded to the scene.

Jesse E.
If you want to avoid the cops… don’t steal a donut truck

Javier H
how long did it take the cops to clean up the crime scene? 10 minutes?

Sadly, it appears some doughnuts did not survive the incident per an eyewitnesses who rolled up on the donut caper.

Esther Guzman: Last night we did witness myself and my son Ismael Rodriguez last night we had a tremendous show with this crazy krispy cream donut driver he wanted to hit a car in front of him the light was red and he was honking his horn he then open the back door when the light was green He made a right turn all donuts dropping every were told my son I don’t think he works with the company it’s got to be stolen.

RIP, lumps of doughy goodness, RIP. Although I'd much rather you were resting in my tummy.

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