If you remember, Valentine's Day 2020 was on a Friday. Unfortunately, it was also right when we started becoming worried about the COVID-19 pandemic, so you might not have had as great a V-Day as you would have liked. This year it is on a Sunday which means unless you take the next day off, you will probably still not have a fabulous day. COVID-19 restrictions will still be in place, so here are a few things you might consider doing for your sweetie on Valentine's Day:

1. Pick up a brew - At a local brewery, that is. El Paso has quite a few microbreweries that you can check out. Grab a couple of steaks or grill a couple of burgers and you're set for the night.

2. Breakfast in bed - I'm not suggesting you get up and make your honey breakfast in bed. This is 2021. We have enough stress in our lives. Grab a box of Eggo waffles, some muffins from your favorite bakery, a pre-cut fruit salad, or just a bowl of cereal and coffee. The point is, don't make more work for yourself or your partner than is necessary. This is a day to enjoy each other, not wondering who will be doing the dishes.

3. Make a vision board for the new year - It's pretty likely that this year will be a lot like last year. It will take probably into the early fall for everyone to get fully vaccinated which means travel and movies, dinners out and anything normal will be tough to pull off. Make a vision board of the things you want to do next year. It can be a list of things to do, actual pictures cut out of magazines, or an email you write with links to places and things you two would like to do when things settle down.

4. Order something - It doesn't matter what you order, it just matters that you'll have to wait a bit to get it delivered. Browse a home improvement site and order a fancy schmancy new shower head, or matching pajamas, or luxurious new sheets for your bed. In a couple of weeks when they get delivered, it will be like Valentine's Day all over again. And fellas, if you forget the day, you can use this as your excuse for not having a present for her.

5. Get the best - Does your hubby have a beard? Get him the top of the line trimmer. Does your wife live for yoga? Upgrade her old yoga mat for one that will have her saying namaste with a smile. Maybe you guys want a new piece of art or furniture. Decide what you want and spoil yourselves. The point is, splurge on one really fantastic item for each other that they will use every day and it will remind them how much you love them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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