Did you know that if you place your purse on the floor, the evil spirits will steal all your money and you’ll be broke….. FOREVER!!

Well, at least that’s what I was told when I was younger and honestly, I still believe that because well….. I ain't living in a mansion!

I recently came across a meme online that instantly took me back to my childhood.

The meme in question was a picture of watermelon with seeds and a picture of a person on the other side growing a watermelon inside of them.

“Overthinking during childhood,” read the caption and I laughed because I remember as a child I was told that if I swallowed a watermelon seed I would grow a watermelon inside of me and I believed whatever adult told me that lie!

Well, safe to say I wasn’t alone in believing that. I asked the people of El Paso to share the lies they were told as a kid that they believed until they grew up and realized…. I’VE BEEN LIED TO MY WHOLE LIFE!

Here are A Few Of Those Lies:

“Gum- that if you swallowed it your stomach would get stuck.”

YES!! A few other people also shared that they were led to believe that if they swallowed their gum it would be stuck inside of them for 7 years!

“That it was illegal to have a balloon in the car.”

Dang. What did balloons ever do to your parents?! But also, I have tried driving with balloons and honestly, I can see how it’s a hazard, but I’m not sure it’s illegal?

“Don’t walk barefoot on the floor or you’ll catch a cold. (As per my mom.)”

I MEANNNNNN if you weren’t told this as a child, did your mom even care about you?!

“It’s illegal to turn on your dome light when you’re driving.”

Yup. I believed this lie for way too long. It wasn’t until someone posted about it online that I said to myself, “Wait, so that’s a lie?!”

“I thought I would turn into a baby if I ate baby food.”

Wait a minute, why are you eating baby food though?!

"While my mom was baking. She would tell us to be quiet. If we were too loud, the cake wouldn't bake correctly."

Honestly, someone get that mom a medal for smartest mom ever!

Oh El Paso, I knew I wasn’t alone in being lied to as a child! I’m glad that we can all come together and expose the lies our parents told us….. And tell them to our children because, tradition. That’s why.

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