El Paso, get ready to lose control because chart-topping sensation Teddy Swims is gearing up for an extension of his “I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy” North American tour and he’ll be making a stop right here in El Paso!

Fans can secure their tickets for the October 16th show starting Friday, April 26, at 10 am local time, exclusively at ElPasoLive.com.

I first became familiar with Teddy when I saw a “Teddy Swims Rift Challenge" trending online and I was in instant awe at Teddy’s amazing vocal range!

The challenge has singers trying to match Teddy Swim’s “rift” in his hit song “Lose Control.” Some of these singers did amazing BUT no one can compare to Teddy himself.

Teddy has a pretty soothing and powerful voice and although that’s my favorite thing about him, I started also wondering if maybe I was also in awe of him because he has a similar resemblance to my favorite person ever, Post Malone. (Grizz swears they’re the same person!)

We're on to you Post Malone.
We're on to you Post Malone.

Teddy Swims has been making waves across the music scene, recently gracing the stage of American Idol and unveiling the captivating video for his latest viral sensation, "The Door."

He is set to drop the deluxe edition of his acclaimed debut album, "I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy (Part 1.5)," this Friday. The deluxe version promises four new tracks alongside the colossal hit "Lose Control," which recently dominated the charts, securing the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and amassing over 1 billion streams worldwide.

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