Everyone loves a mascot, and everyone in El Paso loves UTEP mascot, Paydirt Pete. Pete's signature jeans, cowboy hat, and pick axe make him the best looking college mascot out there, and it seems, one that in such high demand that UTEP is looking to add more Petes.

The Prospector says UTEP usually has no more than two people playing the role of Pete, but the demand for Pete has led them to hold tryouts for more people who want to whip up the crowd at games and make public appearances.

Some of the students who have put on the costume say that the interaction with the public is the best part of being Pete. The problem is, without a bigger roster of Petes, a lot of requests for him have to be denied. That's where you come in.

UTEP would like to get at least five or six more Petes to rotate between doing public appearances and athletic events. It isn't an easy gig. You have to be physically fit because you will work harder than any athlete on the field. You'll also have to be able to deal well with the public and the adulation you'll be getting.

Still want to try your hand at being Paydirt Pete? You have to be a student who is enrolled full time if you are classified as an undergraduate, or part time if classified as a graduate student. Contact Coach Bianca Marquez at bmarquez6@utep.edu, and Gooooooo MINERS!