There hasn't been a lot of information about what happened to UTEP President Diana Natalicio last week when she fell ill on campus. The only details that have been released are that she was walking to the Student Union to vote when she collapsed around 1:30 Friday afternoon. No details about what caused her to collapse were released.

There are still very few details about what is happening with Dr. Natalicio, but there is some good news from university officials. UTEP's Executive Vice President, Richard Adauto, released a statement today that said only that Natalicio is expected to make a full recovery, and that she is "resting comfortably at this time.”

In this day and age of too much sharing, social media, and camera phones, it's surprising that not a lot of information has gotten out about Dr. Natalicio. I think it speaks to how highly regarded she is in this community. She took UTEP from a decent, hometown university, and turned it into an emerging force in higher education.

We wish her a speedy and full recovery!