It's that time of year when kids are graduating and we find ourselves looking for those graduation gifts! Don't do the flowers and teddy bears that will just be thrown away! Here are some awesome untraditional gift ideas!

1.) Sleeping pills- because your graduate has spent to many hours cramming.

2.) Condoms- the last thing your graduate needs is a child/another child.

3.) Ray Bans- because their future is so bright!

4.) Gas card-for the commute to all the job interviews.

5.) New Tattoo- that reads..."Look Mom! I Did it!" or Class of 2012.

6.) Bon Fire- to burn all thier textbooks that are virtually useless and unreturnable.

7.) Business Cards- that reads "Future President of______."

8.) Date with a staffing service- to find a job.

9.) Your Uncles Cell number- to hook them up with a sweet landscaping job in the interim.

10.) Hankerchief- to cry into when they find out that 75% of college graduates don't get a job.

Congratulations Class of 2012! You did it! Si se pudo!

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