Christmas is breathing down our necks so here is another idea to help you buy gifts and support local businesses while you're at it.

Cowboy boots are pretty much a requirement in Texas and El Pasoans certainly follow the rules. Cowboy boots come in many styles too, ranging from rounded tip to pointy tip to "whatever the hell these are" tip.

They can also be made out of many things like leather, suede, or a number of animal skins; in a rainbow of colors. You can also choose from a ton of designs. You can get your initials stamped into them or the Texas state flag.

El Paso proud? Have 915 stamped into them or the Franklin Mountains outline. You name it, someone, somewhere in El Paso can do it for you.

Here are a few places to buy your boots and keep it local.

There are many other kinds of boots too like work boots, square toe boots and ... my personal preference ... biker boots. Whatever style you want, these places can hook you up and, (another cool thing about El Paso), prices around here are pretty reasonable.

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