Two new school zone flashers will be installed at two elementary schools on September 19th thanks to the City of El Paso Capital Improvement Department.

The two school zone flashers will be installed near Johnson Elementary, at 499 Cabaret Drive and Lamar Elementary, at 1440 E. Cliff Drive.

Just this past Monday, on September 13th a 7-year-old child was struck by a vehicle in front of Alta Vista Elementary School in the 1000 block of Grama in central El Paso. While the child was taken to the hospital she did not suffer any life threatening injuries.

This is just a real life example of how important these school zone flashers are to schools, students and drivers alike.

The work is part of a School Zone Safety project funded by the City of El Paso and the Texas Department of Transportation. When completed in the summer of 2017, the projects will have provided ten campuses across El Paso with school zone safety flashers, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, as well as appropriate signage and markings which will alert motorists of the school zones, and draw attention to pedestrians and school zone speed limits.

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