Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, sports leagues have had to figure out a way to play a season, and Major League Baseball thought they had finally figured out how to have part of a season, but one team has run into a snag.

The Toronto Blue Jays, who are from Canada as their name suggests, find themselves without a home. The Canadian government issued a statement that read in part:

"We have shared this news with the Blue Jays organization. We remain open to considering future restart plans for the post-season should the risk of virus transmission diminish. We wish the Blue Jays the best of luck as they start the regular season."

They could play in their Triple-A affiliate ballpark that is in Buffalo, New York, or they could come to Southwest University Ballpark. Now hear me out:

1. It's a great facility - Fans usually only see the actual playing field, but the media was lucky enough to see the clubhouses for the El Paso Chihuahuas and visiting teams. They are top-notch and could easily handle the Blue Jays and whatever team they play.

2. Downtown hotels? We got those, too - The newly renovated and reopened Plaza Hotel, the Hotel Indigo, the Aloft at the Bassett Tower, the Stanton House. There are any number of high-end hotels that could house baseball players from the Blue Jays and a visiting team.

3. Baseball starved fans - If we had MLB baseball downtown, the local tv stations could broadcast them and fans here could get their fix from our very own ballpark.

4. Expand the fan base - The Toronto Blue Jays could expand their fan base by being here and the Chihuahuas could show MLB what a great investment it was coming to El Paso.

It's a win/win so maybe the Chihuahuas and the City of El Paso could get together and make a bid.

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