Little Boy Charms Women At Texas Rangers Game
Don't hate the player, hate the game. That should be this sneaky little boy's mantra, but watching him pull a fast one on a group of pretty girls, it looks like it probably already is! This, gentlemen, is how it's done...
Why Aren't The El Paso Chihuahuas Singing 'God Bless America'
I wrote a blog yesterday that asked the question, why isn't 'God Bless America' being sung during El Paso Chihuahuas games. Ay chihuahua, did it cause an uproar! The KISS Facebook page almost broke from people weighing in on the topic. Well, I did some asking around, talked to an offi…
Downtown El Paso Ballpark Turns On The Lights
The Downtown El Paso ballpark has a team, the Chihuahuas. It has a name - Southwest University Park. And now, it has lights! The team held their official lighting ceremony Tuesday night, and the video is amazing!