I know it's not normal for a girl to like a cigar, but hey, I'm different! They're so relaxing especially by the pool with a choice beverage (age permitting of course)!

Scotch is one of the most favorable drinks paired with cigars. This is because much like cigars, scotch has a strong impact on your senses. Any other softer drinks would be overpowered by the smell and strength of a cigar, scotch stands firm!


If you have never smoked a cigar before i suggest a mild one to start alongside a malt mild liquor. When a mild scotch drink and a mild cigar are paired, you do not always get milder results. Instead, they both can strengthen each other, and result in a stronger taste for both of them. For example, try a single malt scotch. It goes great with a Dominican cigar!

Already a seasoned smoker? You're probably thinking, "why should I listen to her?", well all I can say is try to have an open mind. I once knew a cigar smoker that knew his cigars and taught me a lot! So if you are a "pro", this pairing may sound like a challenge to consume, but when combined properly, they both can enable a better taste for the other by strengthening the other only where it is weak. Combine a Sancho Caballero  with one of the stronger scotches to get a great pairing! I promise you won't be disappointed!

The two pairing above are pretty straightforward, mild cigar goes with mild scotch, and stronger cigars go with a stronger drink. Cigar and single malt are made for each other. Sometimes one of them may get stronger, and rest of the times, the other may overpower the other, but when they are combined with their relative strengths in mind, you can expect a day that ends with a promise of a savored experience. My favorite is Johnnie Walker Black and a Romeo y Julieta. So grab your choice and sit by the pool and hey, invite me!

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