Doing my daily perusing of the Internet, I stumbled across a website that claimed to know a whole lot about the Sun City. So naturally I was curious and decided to read up on it. Boy were they wrong on some stuff.

The website is called and I gotta say El Paso is a pretty cool place to live, but they fibbed some and made it sound AMAZING! Now before you say, "It is an amazing place to live", check out the misconceptions they were trying to sell their reading audience.

First off, in their "26 Things You Need to Know Before Moving To El Paso", they explained ALL El Pasoans like their meat rare and mentioned Cattleman's. Nice to start it off with food but not ALL El Pasoans like a rare steak. That's just a small one I know but I thought it was kind of funny how the author included all El Pasoans. The one that really sticks out like a sore thumb is number 21. It shows a picture of people happily white water rafting and states how El Pasoans love heading out to the Rio Grande River, fish, swim and white water raft the Rio. I mean it sounds fun but with less than a foot of water most of the time El Pasoans are NOT flocking to the river banks.

Check the whole list in the link up top and see what else you think is not so true about the Sun CIty.


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