There is a story circulating on social media about Jenny Merta and an incident that took place at a local golf clubhouse in Las Cruces. After digging deeper into the story I spoke with some people that know her personally and their outrage with a local newspaper that only told one side of the story.

Jenny Merta was arrested Sunday after she was spotted inside of the Clubhouse on Sonoma Ranch Golf Course. Reports said that she was inside the clubhouse acting strange and allowing her 3-year-old to run around unclothed. After she was asked to leave and did not comply with staff, police were called. When police arrived they also asked her to leave and a struggle ensued with officers. Merta was then arrested for assaulting a police officer. After police had her in their unit, they discovered her 3-month-old baby inside her vehicle with the windows down and the engine running laying on a jacket.

The children were unharmed and Merta was booked on one count of child endangerment and battery of a peace officer and resisting an officer. She was then booked into the Dona Ana County Jail without bond.

As a new mother I was appalled by the story when I first read it from the local newspaper, I then reposted it onto my Facebook where I got some comments about Merta from several that know her personally. This is what was said in the comment.

Jenny is an amazing young lady suffering from apparent mental issues. We shouldn't be so harsh or rash. I have know her my whole life (literally) and know she is a good person with a huge heart. Something very wrong must be going on. She is not an evil person by any means. Evil comments without knowing the whole story, person, or situation are not ok nor appropriate. Sorry but this isn't a case of evil it's a case of someone who needs medical help.

I then wanted to dig deeper into the story before more slander of this woman took place. Then another person commented on the story with the same retraction.

I used to work with Jenny. She's a beautiful person and definitely nothing like she is being depicted in this article. I feel terrible that this has happened to her. Many people go through hardships and it's a shame that this is how she will be known to many people that have never even met her.

And another.

Not like her at all. Amazing family and new baby plus likely a form of postpartum depression. Prayers.

This is really sad that someone didn't get the whole story before making this woman look like a complete monster. In my opinion, if she has mental issues, where are HER caregivers to make sure this doesn't happen? If anything someone else should be held accountable that it got to this point. Truly a case of someone that didn't get the whole story before writing a one sided story. I received this message this morning about the story:

Hi. I wanted to get you a quick update. Jenny is being arraigned today at 1:30pm. We have lots of family going in to testify that this is not Jenny and she needs medical help. We are all praying for her to get into a mental hospital. Apparently, she was having a severe mental breakdown the last two days before the event. The kids are ok and with their father/ husband and her family. Hopefully Sun News will retell her story in the light it should have been told.

I just thought I should write a retraction story since this is a case of poor journalism and not a case of a monster. As updates are known this story will be updated.

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