2016 sure was a tough one in taking some of our greatest musicians, but we also still have some greats with their awesome videos of 2016.

Whether you like these artists or not, you have to give them props for some great music videos this year. Music videos are a dying art but not for these artists. We have Beyonce, David Bowie and some JT up in this mix, see what you think about this list and the videos.

1.) Beyonce - Formation

Queen B has been hot since she was with Destiny's Child and her latest album was THEE hottest. When she hit the Super Bowl with Formation, everyone went crazy. The video is pretty epic. The choreography, the outfits and the slay!

2.) David Bowie - Lazarus

2016 took our beloved David Bowie, but he did leave us with one final video. His musical genius shined through this one. The video was just so eerie talking about being in heaven and the hospital bed shot. He must have left this behind knowing it would be one of his lasts. RIP Bowie, thanks for the music.

3.) Drake - Hotline Bling 

Drake certainly has come up from that kid on DeGrassi. His fame has skyrocketed in 2016, and make fun of his dancing all you want, but this video is a classic! You can't help but sing along as well with this hit.

4.) Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

Bruno always brings the heat! Musical genius indeed, and he's bringing that fire to Vegas in this video. So much soul and old school vibe in this and not to mention jet skiing in the Bellagio Fountains, only Bruno Mars could get away with that! PLus they did a great job of casting his guys in this video to compliment his short height.

5.) The Chainsmokers - Closer 

The Chainsmokers have really made a name for themselves this year. "Closer" was a huge hit, not to mention "Don't Let Me Down". This video was a super cute reminiscing about their love.It's like you took a roadtrip with them and made the video!

6.) Send My Love - Hello

Adele had a HUGE year, probably bigger than anyone else musically. She came out with her album "25" late 2015 and it has carried nicely into 2016 with "Send My Love", a more upbeat and fun side of Adele. Not to mention it was a very cinematic music video and "25" was certified Diamond in 2016.

7.) Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop The Feeling

JT has had some good dancing songs before but this one just tops them all! When he came out with this song everyone was up moving and dancing including the people in his video. Which was shot in his hometown with people he would come across daily when he lived there. Makes for a fun and uplifting video!

So besides all the great musicians that were taken this year, we still have some great around and these videos show that. What was your favortie in 2016?

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