T.I. and Iggy Azalea took the stage at the 2014 BET Awards to give energetic performances of their rap songs ‘No Mediocre’ and ‘Fancy.’

T.I. threw his rhymes down like the experienced performer he’s known to be. He kept his ensemble and stage setup simple, choosing instead to focus on the music. Dancers shaking it in their short shorts and crop tops backed him on the stage, but they kept the twerking to a minimum, unlike the twerk-packed official music video for his new single.

The rapper was later joined by Iggy Azalea, who features on ‘No Mediocre’ — and who’s part of the twerking madness in the music video. The Australian was looking hot in a black crop top and black tights decorated with oversized safety pins.

Her verse in ‘No Medicore’ smoothly transitioned into the slow buildup of beats that start off her radio hit ‘Fancy.’ Iggy strut across the stage performing the chart-topper, looking out over a crowd that was up on their feet and dancing. (Nicki Minaj especially got into it.) At the end of the performance she took her spot in a multicolored throne at the head of the stage, and there’s no doubt she earned it!

Watch T.I. and Iggy's performance in the video above!

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