Dumpsters, Drive-ins, and Dives

Ive dumpster dived several times in my life, but never in Texas, so I was kinda curious to find out if its legal here or not! I used to dumpster dive back when I worked in a woodshop in Nebraska, sometimes thats where you find the best pieces of wood just waiting to become a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign.

All joking aside though, you probably know someone who dumpster dives and it can be for all sorts of reasons! I know plenty of people who collect bottles and cans to make a couple extra bucks from the recycling! But is it actually legal to do this?

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Dive On In: With Permission

So In Texas, its legal to dive on in to pretty much any public dumpster you see. So for the starving artist looking for materials on the cheap, Texas is like a dumpster diving gold mine. So many pallets of wood waiting to become a refurbished ottoman in some hipsters studio apartment. Thats for PUBLIC dumpsters anyway.

When it comes to dumpsters on private property, you can technically still dive on in, but you gotta have permission from the property owner before you do. Otherwise, legally, its trespassing and you can get in a bit of trouble for it.

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Dive On In: With Friends

If you do happen to get a little dumpster happy and go into a private dumpster without realizing, just know that its legal in Texas for the property owner to use force to get you out. Not deadly force though!

But I mean, its Texas so maybe just expect someone to have a gun.

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Hey, if you are gonna dumpster dive, ya might as well do it with community. Heres a small Facebook group of passionate divers waiting to take you on their next trashy deep dive expedition! Now go, go off and dive! Explore where some men have gone before! But be safe about it, ya crazy kids.

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