The El Paso International Museum of Art is continuing its Saturday afternoon classic movie series. This week, you can catch a movie from 2013 - not exactly a classic in terms of time elapsed, but a classic in terms of being a good movie.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty was originally made in 1947 with Danny Kaye. It was a screwball comedy with Kaye as the title character who dreams up amazing life stories for himself to deal with his humdrum life. The 2013 movie starring Ben Stiller reimagines Walter's life differently.

Stiller's Walter still daydreamers about the lives he wished he had lead, but this time, Walter actually has the chance to do the things that he only imagined. He lives an adventure that pales in comparison to his daydreams to woo the woman he loves. The critics were not kind about this retelling of the Walter Mitty tale and gave it horrible reviews. It also didn't do well at the box office, but having said that, this is a great movie, especially for kids. There is some language and mild violence, but for the most part, it is a movie that will show kids, and adults for that matter, that living your dreams is good for your soul. You don't necessarily have to have a grand adventure like Walter, but just sitting on the sidelines of life isn't going to make you a happy person.

Wow. That was deep. Ok, maybe you should just go watch this movie because it is free and fun and being shown in a great venue.

WHAT: The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
WHEN: 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana

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