Waking up to an Instagram tag from an official Oscar Mayer Hotdogger isn't something you get every day.

For 93.1 KISSFM, this tasty surprise came from Hotdogger Tasty Tay. Seriously a cool nickname.

Tasty Tay is out for the Kraft Hockeyville celebration happening in El Paso.

While the party has already kicked off, Tasty Tay made sure to share the love and hot dogs with El Paso with multiple locations to get that selfie with the Wienermobile.

Did you know there are tons of Hot Doggers? I didn't and stumbled upon them while looking for Tasty Tay on Instagram through a desktop.

According to the Weinermobile website, they are always looking for Wienermobile vehicle drivers aka Hotdoggers, and you can apply to be one. Well, at least I know where I can go if my radio career ends.

Until then, I will just give credit where credit is due to those brave hot doggers who drive such a big wiener across the United States. I would love to know what the driving test was like for this thing because I have a record of crashing into gates with my mom's car.

The tradition of the Wienermobile started in 1988 and continues to make people smile and be full of deliciousness to this day. El Pasoans will get to experience the iconic car at multiple events around El Paso.

If you are able to catch a photo with this giant wiener, feel free to send it to us through the free 93.1 KISSFM mobile app.

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