She’s the stuff of legend generations of Latino children have grown up afraid of. If you’ve lived along the border for a number of years then you've probably heard about La Llorona.

Versions abound, but they all have the same basic premise; a young woman drowns her children in a fit of rage but immediately regrets her actions and throws herself in the river to die alongside them. Her ghost supposedly wanders along or nearby bodies of water condemned in the afterlife for all eternity to walk the earth searching for her children.

The fabled Wailing Woman will come to life this Friday, September 13, at "The Legend of La Llorona" event hosted by Lost El Paso Paranormal, El Paso's only ghost tour group featuring fully-costumed theatrical tour guides.

The free, family-friendly event will take place downtown at the San Carlos Building, 501 Texas Ave, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. and include vendors, artists, live music and performances, and a La Llorona Look-alike/Scream-alike Costume Contest.

Lost El Paso Paranormal
Lost El Paso Paranormal

As an added spooky bonus, Lost El Paso Paranormal will be setting up "The Lost Sideshow," the only traveling exhibit of historical and paranormal curiosities in El Paso

Those who dare step inside can examine "an array of bizarre and foreboding items on display" like the Aztec Death Whistle, and "the sinister Black Mirror" which some believe acts as a window into the fears of the gazer. (Gulp!)

While the The Legend of La Llorona event is an opportunity to have some pre-Halloween fun and learn more about the legendary murderous mom, Heather Shade, founder of Lost El Paso Paranormal, warns, "On this night we gather not to celebrate her, but to promote awareness. As hers is a cautionary tale." Ay Dios mio, mil veces!

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