After some searching on social media, it turns out those are not fancy martinis on the median of Airway.

While driving around El Paso, I got caught up in some crazy traffic once I exited Airway. This time it was not due to some street work, it was due to some construction on the median, right in front of the area by the shopping center that is home to the Comic Strip. I am not good with directions, so this is the best way I can describe the home to this art installation.

As you can see in the photos, these art installations are large gray polls that expanded into tinier polls that hold purple balls. These purple balls remind me of grapes, so my head turns them into olives, which then puts these olives in a martini glass. Now, I want a fancy martini.

Art installation

I wasn't the only one thinking this, I posted these photos to social media and some El Pasoans started joking about the design too. Among the joking, I did get some information on what these sculptures are representing. According to Instagram user prtchrdlr, the art installation is called 'Flores Del Desierto.' She continues to say artist Christopher Weed is the one working on the project between Edgemere and I-10. According to her, the purple balls are actually supposed to represent purple blossoms which covers desert sage.

Art Installation

Of course, I googled desert sage and immediately fell in love with it. I can't wait till this project is finished and I wonder how it will look if it lights up. I now need to find something to drink and get the martini image out of my head. I don't want to keep a negative image on this sculpture like the 'egg beaters' of Airway. 

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