The Airway light sculptures, fondly known as the egg beaters, are the light sculptures that you can see lit up each night as you pass by Airway on I-10. They spin when the wind is blowing, and are lit up with seasonal colors. Now the egg beaters can glow with the colors of your organization.

This week, El Paso City Council approved the Interstate 10 and Airway Public Art Policy that will open up customize the egg beaters with the colors of organizations to commemorate civic or community-wide significant events. You can do something similar with the Star on the Mountain. You can't change the colors, but you can pay to have the Star lit in honor of someone or an event.

City officials say "the public art at Airway and I-10 has become an important part of El Paso’s skyline", and they want to work with community organizations to help them recognize holidays or honor groups.

There are 12 opportunities each calendar year for organizations to request customizing the color of lights on the egg beaters. The sculptures have often glowed with UTEP's colors, so seeing other organizations have a chance to see their colors lighting up the egg beaters will be a pretty cool thing.

If you want to apply for the chance to light up the egg beaters with your organization's colors, click on the Public Art tab at

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