The list of the 11 richest cities in Texas ... El Paso didn't make it ... includes at least one with a racist past. Sadly, not uncommon in American history.

I recently came across a list of the 11 richest cities in Texas. While they all absolutely  deserve to be on the list and certainly earned their spots, one wasn't always exactly welcoming of ALL Texans.

An attitude that cities, (rich and poor alike), all over America have had to address and contend with.

Number one is Highland Park, a city pretty much surrounded by Dallas. It's an area I know fairly well as I once lived right on the edge of it. I knew some people who lived there so I was pretty familiar with the place..

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It was, interesting, shall we say, living in an average part of Dallas right next to a wall that partially enclosed the rich and famous. While it was its own city, with its own "feel", I never picked up on any real prejudice there. Dallas has a high concentration of black people so, if anything, I was the minority.

Security was taken very seriously in Highland Park and while they were very watchful, there wasn't anything sinister in the way they treated people. That wasn't always the case though as Highland Park has a dark past and was once known as a "Sundown Town",.

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These were places where folks who weren't white had better finish their business and be gone by sundown. Non-whites caught in these places after dark didn't typically fare very well as sundown "curfews" were usually enforced by both cops and vigilantes alike.

Things were different then but those ignorant attitudes had changed so much ... for the better ... by the time I lived nearby. Oddly enough though, despite decades of changing times and more educated  viewpoints, Highland Park had no black residents until 2003.

Only 20 years ago.

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