It's been COOL climate kinda day in the Sun City as oppose to the El Paso winds are the HEAT thing that makes us, HOT.  So I had a craving for something other than food (I know, miracle for me) Hot Chocolate!  So, decided to check with old reliable, YELP, to see what the best places to pick up some CoCo.

TheMastersPlacecupcakes Facebook

#4.  The Masters Place- 1700 N Zaragoza Rd Suite 151; 4 Stars...Known for their enormous variety on cupcakes, most have said 'Deelish' regarding their choco...another said 'unlike any other cup of hot chocolate'.  Check their site out HERE!



BLDG 6 Coffee Roasters Facebook

#3.  Bldg 6 Coffee Roasters- 11385 James Watt Dr Ste B-6; 4 1/2 stars... Trendy place with the 411 on the Hot Chocolate realm.  Described with words like 'authentic chocolate' and 'Loved it' along with 'LOVED the quantity and quality of chocolate' it looks like these folks KNOW beans for coffee and def KNOW the chocolate in the HOT stuff.  Click HERE for them!


Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe Facebook

#2.  Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe- 824 N Piedras St; 4 1/2 stars...Central-SIDE in the house.  Not only known for their craft BEER but chai teas and HOT coco...described as 'massive' and 'the BETTER than Abuela's hot choco' now that statement is HUGE, especially in the Sun City!  They have all the DEETS HERE!



THE #1 Spot went to Gufo di Milano-5001 N Mesa St Ste 2A; 5 STARS!!!!... Chief artisan Sergio Moreno knows REAL gelato and has crafted our taste bud's with such a variety BUT they also KNOW Hot Chocolate!  With word's like 'Unlike ANY other' to 'my taste buds EXPLODED' and 'YUM YUM YUM'  I kept ready great things about the chocolate, I am craving this RIGHT NOW!  Get your yummmmy on HERE!