Texas officials want people to “remember the Alamo,” but they would like for them to show some respect while they do it.

According to Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, while he is happy that the historic site has been receiving a lot of attention, as of late, he is concerned that it is not the appropriate consideration for an American landmark.

Recently, boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez made an appearance in Alamo Plaza to promote their upcoming fight in Las Vegas. Patterson says that he feels the Alamo is being exploited for profit.

"This would not happen at Gettysburg. No one would even imagine holding such an event at the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor," he said. "It should be treated as the hallowed ground that it is."

Just weeks ago, rapper Kanye West made plans to screen a video for his song “New Slaves” on the front of the Alamo, but while hundreds showed up in support and protest, the video was never shown.

There were reports that authorities were responsible for shutting down the event, but Patterson says, organizers never actually showed up. "Last month it was Kanye West, this month it's Vegas fight promoters," he said. "The Alamo is under a constant siege of people who just don't appreciate the significance of the site."

The Alamo marks an integral battle in the Texas Revolution that is often referred to as the Texas War of Independence.