Those of you anxiously awaiting a video for the Taylor Swift track ‘Eyes Open’ will be somewhat happy today. The country cutie dropped an as-expected adorable lyric video for her ‘Hunger Games’-inspired song.

The clip features handwritten and drawn lyrics in stop-motion animation. Some of the images are literal, while others are just cute doodles and middle school-style notebook scrawls on white paper, lined pads and Post-Its. Amidst the dancing crumpled paper and colored pencils, a few of the sketches and writings contain subtle odes to ‘The Hunger Games,’ including some cartoon-flame engulfed lettering, a nod to ‘Girl on Fire.’

Swift, ever generous, also dropped something else recently — a cool $4 million to Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in support of music education. It’s the second biggest donation in the museum’s history! Swift’s donation will help pay for the Taylor Swift Education Center. MTV reports that Swift’s eponymous center will be an exhibit and classroom space.

So what will go down in that classroom? Museum director Kyle Young explained, “In terms of what it will allow us to do, we do education very well now. It will allow us to do what we do better, serve more people, develop new programs, and I’m happy to say that as we talked through this opportunity with Taylor, she very much wants to be involved in an advisory capacity in what we do,” he explained. “Is there a better person out there who’s in touch with a young audience? I think not.” We concur!

Swift’s connection with the Hall of Fame goes way back. She signed her first recording contract within its walls and gave one of her very first public performances on its plaza. Young gushed, “For Taylor to want to engage herself in the life of this place in such an appropriate way — every way you slice it and dice it, it’s great.”

This is just the most recent in some of Swift’s highly publicized charity work. The only thing bigger than Swift’s bank account may be her heart!

Watch theTaylor Swift ‘Eyes Open’ Lyric Video

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