Hot damn! Will Smith may want a neuralizer for what just happened on a red carpet promoting ‘Men in Black 3.’ The megastar slapped a reporter!

The reporter got a bit too close to Smith for his comfort. The male journo attempted to kiss the actor / rapper / dad-to-Jaden-and-Willow … on the lips. Eek! That’s gotta be awkward for anyone, let alone a married straight guy, and Smith didn’t take it lightly. The ‘Ali’ star, who recently openly endorsed gay marriage, pushed the reporter away, then slapped the guy in the face!

If it were up to Smith, he may have done more than that, as he can be heard on video saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t sucker punch him.”

TMZ reports that the reporter in question’s schtick is to kiss celebs. That may be his thing, but it doesn’t mean all celebs want to be kissed. If Smith’s slap doesn’t teach him a lesson, maybe getting slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit will.

Watch Will Smith Attack a Reporter

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