The season finale of ‘The Simpsons’ is going to be an unforgettable one, with Lady Gaga guesting. In addition to wearing 18 ensembles, the Mother Monster makes out with family matriarch Marge, which turns up the heat on her sex life with Homer. Gaga also cries diamond tears (!!!) when Lisa rejects her.

As we know, Gaga roars into Springfield to boost the town’s self-esteem, namely that of Lisa, the town’s (and the show’s) voice of reason. Lisa’s lost “it” and it’s Gaga who wants to help her get it back.

In one clip, Gaga is eating milk and cookies in the kitchen, and no, food-lover Homer isn’t sniffing around trying to snag one. Marge laments being the mother of someone as smart and as sensitive as Lisa and not being able to help her through this rocky patch in her life. Gaga tries to comfort Marge by touching her arm, but the blue beehived one is prickly and winces. Gaga says, “It’s just human contact.”

Mama Monster takes it up a notch and full on makes out with Marge. The scene cuts to Marge and Homer enjoying a little afterglow. This has to be Gaga’s most famous kiss since she planted one on Mayor Bloomberg on New Year’s Eve.

In the other preview clip, Lisa tells Gaga she “denounces” her while they sit on a merry go round in the park. Gaga says, “Easy, little monster,” to which Lisa snarls, “Don’t monster me.” Her sass makes Gaga cry. Lisa is impressed, asking, “Are you crying glitter?” Gaga stops and says, “Tiny diamonds. Hurts like hell.”

Is that enough to win Lisa over and help her “go Gaga?”

Tune in Sunday night at 8PM ET to find out.

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